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Elf, The Musical Jr

Buddy is a small orphan boy who loves Christmas so much he sneaks into Santaís sack and gets whisked back to the North Pole. He tries to be a useful little helper to Father Christmas, a good elf, but canít cope with the work. As he grows up, he discovers heís really a human being and heads off to New York to search for his real father. He finds him, but his Dad doesnít believe in the spirit of Christmas Ė and neither do many other New Yorkers, including his brother. Now this is a problem, because Santaís sleigh is powered by belief in Christmas. Can Buddy win over the citizens of New York and help them remember the true meaning of Christmas?

Plymouth Theatre Company Plymouth


He wants some more! The poor young orphan is starving in the workhouse, apart from a brief and miserable time as an undertakerís mute, until he is befriended by the Artful Dodger and lured into Faginís lair. There he is trained in the ways of the pickpocket and introduced to Nancy and Bill Sikes. The orphan finds refuge with the kindly Mr Brownlow but canít evade the clutches of Faginís apprentices. Can Oliver escape this life - and who is he really? All the fun and danger of Dickensí classic story plus the ever popular music and songs from Lionel Bart that have made this tale such a huge favourite.

Plymouth Theatre Company Plymouth

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